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Painful Sports Puns

As some of you may know, ol' Canth here digs on bad puns. It annoys some people and Canth has had numerous punishments inflicted on him for letting a pun slip here or there. For your pleasure and annoyance, I present a bunch of sports puns that my friend Grilje and I came up with one day. Overall, they are a bit painful.

This guy, he put some coins in a pay phone, then he hung up before dialing. He wanted his quarterback.

This guy, he couldn't hear very well, so he got his phone fixed. Now he has a wide receiver.

There was this guy who wanted to do exercises for his butt so he could have a tight end.

This girl, she was sitting in the corner of the room. She got up for something and when she came back, someone else was sitting there. She was made because she wanted her cornerback.

This guy sat outside of the elevator waiting forever for the elevator to come so he could go down to the basement. Finally some one else came along, saw he was standing there, and told him to get the elevator to go to the bottom floor, all he had to do was touchdown.

This kid was really hungry, and he saw that his Mom was making hash for dinner so he went and got a bowl and ate some hash. He then stashed the bowl and denied any knowledge of stealing the food. However, he was caught red-handed when his Mom pointed at his clothes which were covered with hash marks.

This guy went to a farm and bought a chicken. He took it everywhere he went. No one understood for sure what he was up to until he explained that all he wanted was his own personal fowl.