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Pen Gore

(Update at bottom)

Pen Gore is a good guy. He has an office near mine, sometimes its in mine. Pen Gore works very hard. He doesn't take up much space and he doesn't complain much even if you take his bottom off and press him against paper because that's what he was made for. Incidentally, Pen Gore is not designed to reflect negatively at all on Al. He's just fun.

Here's Pen Gore in his cube. He's got his own PC, and if you look closely, you can see a brownie and a cup and saucer on his desk. As you can see, Pen Gore keeps his desk very tidy.

Sometimes Pen Gore comes over and works at my PC. He does a good job except that sometimes its difficult for him to type being that he has no hands. But with a little help, anything is possible.

To give Pen Gore a "hand" (ha ha I kill myself what a pen, I mean, pun. Haw. Man, I should be a writer.) Anyway. To help Pen Gore, we got him a special laptop with a touchpad. Here he's working in the world's most greatest database software that is made by Corel and begins with the letter P and ends with the letter X.  Joy of joys.

For a long time, Pen Gore used to go around the office trying to badger his fellow employees. Here he's trying to get Posco to work harder, but unfortunately, because Pen Gore is just a pen, Posco is just ignoring him.

Pen Gore thought maybe he could find the answer to getting his bidding done in a book. He read this page probably six or seven dozen times before someone turned the page for him. However he got some ideas he wanted to try out.

Thing is, despite all the research, he was still largely ineffective at making the employees do anything. If you look closely, you can see there is a picture of Pen Gore on the wall. The other employees frequently mock Pen Gore and take away his food.


Then Pen Gore watched the third presidential debate. When Al Gore walked over and violated George W. Bush's personal area it gave him an idea. He should be a tough ornery guy too.

So Pen Gore went and got hisself a gun. Now, he felt, he could get people to listen to him because now he was armed. (Ha. I'm just killing myself with this.) Anyway, now he was ready for action.

Thing is though, it didn't really work. Here he is yelling at Swich whose just casually eating pop corn instead of obeying Pen Gore's commands. You almost have to feel sorry for Pen Gore.

In this picture, Pen Gore thought he was telling Noocr what to do. Well he was, but Noocr was telling the person on the phone the exact opposite of what Pen Gore was requesting. What pity he evokes, that Pen Gore.

He even thought he could threaten people on the phone, but that was even more ineffective. First off, they couldn't even see the gun. The other issue being that he had to hop back and forth between the two parts of the phone just to hold the conversation. They just don't make phones for Pen Gores.

These days Pen Gore spends most of his time just sitting in his office holding a gun waiting for people to come see him. He doesn't quite understand why he hasn't had any visitors lately, or why he's been stashed in the corner by the extra printer. But that's the way it is sometimes.


Well, the good news is that Pen Gore survived the fire at the office. He's a bit sooty, but he's OK. Unfortunately his office was trashed. So like the rest of us, he's in exile. Here's Pen Gore looking for a purpose in his temporary office.


It seems that Pen Gore is still lurking about. It appears he's ready to make some kind of comeback, but we're not so sure if anyone wants him too. Anyway, here is a picture of Pen Gore as he looks today.