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Canth the Jedi

OK, those of whom who are out there that know me know that I am a Jedi wanna-be. My whole big dream thing would to have an appearance in Star Wars Episode III. Even if it was like 5 seconds. Maybe long enough for an action figure. I know it'll never happen. I even wrote a letter to George Lucas but I think he ignored it.

Anyway, since it isn't going to happen, I thought I'd just go and pretend it did. If you've been to the Star Wars web page, you'll be familiar with the format. If not, then you can pretend I made it up but really the credit goes to the good people over at But here it is. The Canth Clroy entry in the star wars databank.

Click here to see the Canth Clroy entry in the Star Wars databank

Now I'm really serious about this Episode III thing. It would be pretty darn cool. So if you want, help me out by signing my online petition to get Canth Clroy in Episode III.

To sign a petition asking George Lucas to put Canth Clroy in Star Wars: Episode III click here.