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He's a wooden puppet who wants to be a real boy. He's been way outshined by Jiminy Cricket as far as the whole World of Disney thing goes. True he has a role in the Shrek movies but he's kind of a deviant wearing women's underwear and all that.

Here are some different depictions of Pinocchio

(What the...?)

Other than the Disney version they are all terrifying. I don't know about you but inanimate objects coming to life is one of my recurring nightmares.

Look at this guy! He may be smiling, but he's going to getchya!

Funny thing I just thought of... when Pinocchio is shown in any Disney thing he's still the wooden puppet despite the ending where he becomes real. Kind of sucks for Pinocchio. Seems to happen to Beast too on occasion but I digress.

So anyway, the kids check out this Pinocchio book from our local library. First off, check out this cover...

Now seriously, if Geppetto wants a real boy, but can't have one and makes a puppet instead. Why does he make him appear so horrifying? I mean, he could have made him appear a little more real couldn't he? Maybe Geppetto is a lousy toymaker.

Now notice that Pinocchio is like subtly doing the hip thing with the love hand signal. Anyone catch that? Not that its funny or anything but Pinocchio is never hip.

Which is proven in the last page of the book. And its all propaganda.

So Pinocchio becomes a real boy and the first thing he wants to do is go to school? Seriously? Well, he also questions whether his father will like him now that he's a boy instead of a puppet. I suppose now that Pinocchio is real he's going to have to eat and that'll bite into Geppetto's discretionary spending budget. And the school thing? Well, I think it's all propaganda I tell you. I guess the lucky thing is that the big pink circles on his face didn't stay when she turned him real.

Canso insisted I include this picture for some reason. It's also from the book.

 Not sure why.