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The continuing story of 

Pen Gore

You remember Pen Gore don't you? If you don't, go here to read about Pen Gore. You should read that first as it will make this story appear more coherent. Not a lot more coherent, but some. Anyway, Pen Gore is a good guy. He's been around for quite some time now and we all feel a lot better for it. He even survived a fire!!! So people have been wondering, what ever happened to Pen Gore. Well, actually, they haven't. No one really seems to care what Pen Gore is doing, but we thought we'd look into it and here's what we found.

Since he's been displaced, Pen Gore has been looking for a purpose. He has tried a whole bunch of things. For example, he went over and tried to supervise Shaer at his construction job.

However his personal management style didn't seem to work out too well as you can see from this photo. Don't worry though, it was just a threat and Pen Gore made it out OK.

Then he tried to help Canca with her work, but obviously he was ineffective. You can just see Canca thinking "Who the hell are you?" as she holds Pen Gore in scorn. No one listens to Pen Gore.

Unfortunately, Pen Gore couldn't let things go and tried to supervise Canca and her art projects. As you can see, her patients was wearing very thin. No one supervises Canca except Canca.

Then Pen Gore thought he'd return to his roots, perhaps to mend some fences. Anyway, he decided that maybe his life calling was to actually be a pen. You can see him in action as Shaho uses Pen Gore to write herself a note. Pen Gore tried to convince himself that he was telling her what to write, but really he was just a tool.

Pen Gore soon found himself relegated to the pencil holder. After spending months in there he realized that he was more than just a pen. He was a pen among pens and he had to find someone to lead.

So Pen Gore decided to try and tell the cat what to do.

The problem was, this wasn't any ordinary cat. This was my Demon Cat. And Pen Gore barely escaped with his life.

The whole experience left Pen Gore very depressed. He turned to food for solace, but found little relief since as a pen he can't eat. But sitting in a box of half eaten donuts made him feel somewhat better. Why, I'm not sure.

He also tried to lose himself in watching TV. He was really into the Winter Olympic Hockey Finals. He even thought about trying to become a hockey player but decided against it because he doesn't have skates or feet to put them on.

Then, just as things seemed their bleakest, Pen Gore's salvation was reached. Canem and Canso found him and decided that "the pen" was going to be their new best friend. Finally someone was going to listen to poor old Pen Gore.

Look here as he directs Canem to remove the green olives from her slice of pizza. (You'll also notice Mr. Smee is there and it is entirely possible that Canem was really listening to Mr. Smee and not Pen Gore but we are giving him this one.)

And see how good she eats with Pen Gore looking on. (You'll notice that in the far corner that Mr. Smee has been taken out. He's lying there just off the screen. We think Pen Gore did it. The bad ass.)

And again, see this demonstration of Pen Gore's power as Canso who only listens to Canso drinks her Strawberry Milk under Pen Gore's supervision. If you look closely though, you may be able to see the contempt in her eyes.

Being friends with Canem and Canso opened the doors for all kinds of new experiences for Pen Gore. Hanging out with those two gave him all kinds of opportunities.


He got to hang out with the PowerPuff Girls. He thought perhaps he'd go by the name Ben Gore to fit in, but they just called him Po Go Jo Jo.

He also got to be a pirate. Pirate Pen Gore. He tried to get himself the title Admiral so he'd outrank Captain Hook but no go. He was given the rank of swab.

He even met Mickey Mouse. (It's not the real one, but don't tell Pen Gore. He was so excited by this photo-op.)

And he got to play Sorry. OK, he didn't really get to play. He was a game piece. Don't you hate it when you lose a piece. But at least he had a purpose.

And best of all for Pen Gore, he got some cool wheels. Unfortunately he can't drive it anywhere because he doesn't have hands, or feet, and the car doesn't have an engine. But at least he looks cool and is having fun doing it. It's all appearances anyway.

So for now, Pen Gore is content to be a child's play thing. Who knows what the future will bring for this pen of pens. But regardless, when it does happen, everyone will know about it. At least those who care, which may not be all that many people.