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Oklahoma 0  Florida 0  Texas 0

The Tom Bowl marked its 20th anniversary with a barn burning three-way tie that left no questions answered about who would be the top college football team in the nation. It was a snowy covered field that greeted fans for Tom Bowl XX. A large pile of snow nearly a foot high blocked the gate leading into Frank A. Shafer field. Luckily a shovel was found to allow fans access to the stadium. It is possible that the Sooners, Gators and Longhorns also encountered the intimidating snow bank and, because they didn't have a shovel, elected to go home or play the game elsewhere.  On a side note, the Tom Bowl suffered its first injury as the Tom Bowl President slipped on the icy bleachers and hit his shin hard enough that he ended up at the Central Michigan Community Hospital ReadyCare where he was given four stitches. Attendance: 13

A pile of snow and a fence wasn't going to keep this Tom Bowl fan out
of Frank A. Shafer field

Luckily this Tom Bowl Hall of Famer brought
a shovel.


What is everyone looking at in this picture? The Tom Bowl President after
he slipped on the bleachers and hurt his leg.


The Tom Bowl President is interviewed on WJIM radio.

The Tom Bowl Trophy sits in the snow, still waiting
to be awarded.

Tom Bowl 20th Anniversary Movie


Who you would have seen at Tom Bowl XX

QB - Tim Tebow

QB - Sam Bradford
QB - Colt McCoy

WR - Percy Havin

OL - Jon Cooper

LB - Brian Orakpo

MLB - Brandon Spikes

TE- Jermaine Gresham

WR - Quan Crosby

* Logos are trademarked images of the respective schools and conference. Pictures of the players are property of whomever took them. We appreciate the use of the photos and hope the rightful owners enjoys the exposure they are being given. If not, let us know, we'll take them off and replace them with drawings or something else. In has to be some kind of record this is year marks back-to-back Tom Bowls with a QB named “Colt.” I got stuck at an airport for like nine hours if you add it all up and all I had was this somewhat boring book that I will not disclose the name of but since I had nothing to do I kept on reading it anyway. Turns out that John Quincy Adams’ son was critical in preventing Britain from entering Civil War. How about that? Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skulls was not at all what I had hoped. In fact, it was kinda bad but I kinda expected that it would be. That's what happens when you try to stitch a bunch of random scripts together. It just doesn't work. I almost had hand surgery last month but instead I got a shot in the hand and it seems to be a lot better. So I was playing Batman Begins on Xbox and I got frustrated and started playing Hulk: Ultimate Destruction and I got frustrated so I started Halo and I went through and finished the whole thing. So I thought, I’ll go back and finish Hulk and it turned out I had one level left and I beat that and was done so I thought I’d go back and finish Batman and I also only had one level left which I beat so I finished three games in like a weekend. Star Wars has been driven into the ground. We painted the garage floor with this garage floor paint and its awesome as far as having an awesome garage floor can go. The garage door broke a few months ago and my car was stuck inside. That was lousy. Lions 0-16 season “Every snap is crap.”  My cup is not looking very good right now but I was kind of put off when someone told me it was time to get a new one. That’s personal. I can’t think of any good movie quotes from this past year, the one I laughed at the hardest though was “Looks like I picked the wrong time to stop eating bananas” which was from Space Chimps. No one else in the theater laughed but I don’t think they got the reference to Airplane! I got a new parking spot that is better than the old one. The kids like it when I say “Flying Bear” but you’d have to know where that came from to understand why. In the Monkees there was a guy named Rob Roy Fingerhead which is one of my favorite names I’ve ever heard. That and Joey Joe Joe Junior Shabadoo. I wonder what the Cavity Creeps are up to these days.