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Oh My! A Tie

Tom Bowl 30 ends in scoreless tie

It was another adventure in scoreless defenseless football as all three teams successfully did not attend Tom Bowl 30. With clear skies and no teams in sight and a lock on the gate Tom Bowl 30 lived up to the hype. Attendance: Fake News tally - 13. Actual tally - 1

The gate was very locked.




Central Florida

Who you would have seen at Tom Bowl 30

The top three conference champions in college football met to determine the true national champion

QB - Tua Tagovailoa QB

DE - Clelin Ferrell

C Jordan Johnson

RB Josh Jacobs

RB Travis Etienne

LB Nate Evans

LB  - Mack Wilson

OL -  Mitch Hyatt

S - Richie Grant

Logos are trademarked images of the respective schools and conference. Pictures of the players are property of whomever took them. We appreciate the use of the photos and hope the rightful owners enjoys the exposure they are being given. If not, let us know, we'll take them off and replace them with drawings or something else. Still haven't finished that book about James K. Polk. Guess I'm not interested. Last Jedi was a travesty. It was terrible. It was bad. IS it clear that I am not a fan? So many problems. The Han Solo movie turned out to be pretty good. The movie quote of the year came from it, but it was in the trailer. "I thought we were in trouble there for a second but it's fine. We're fine". Did I mention that Last Jedi sucked? It's like, "There's global warming, America is divided, fires, plague and The Last Jedi. I still have half of that meatloaf in the fridge but the other is gone though. There is another cat in the house. The first cat is not digging on the second cat. It's catastrophic. Last Jedi wrecked Force Awakens and managed to mess up the other movies as well. It was that bad. It retroactively tainted all Star Wars. Not sure who had a bigger influence on me George Lucas or Stan Lee. George H. W. Bush just died. He seems to be a throwback to a day when there was some collaborations between the parties. Sometimes seems like the last president where that happened. By the way, the Last Jedi sucked. I had to look up which conference Central Florida plays in. It's very unfortunate that QB McKenzie Milton was injured. I found a picture of Mitch Hyatt and it turned out to be the same picture from last year. Hope no one notices.