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Deadlocked at Zero
Tom Bowl XXIII ends in scoreless tie

In one of the warmest Tom Bowl in years all three teams failed to show for Tom Bowl XXIII. The three way game matched the top three conference champions in college football to determine the true national champions of college football. A noticeable lack of snow made it difficult to determine if the teams had showed up for the game earlier than scheduled. However there were several buses parked outside the stadium so odds are that they may possibly have been around somewhere. The Tom Bowl was excited to indoctrinate a brand new fan to the Tom Bowl. Attendance: 14.

Who would have won
 Tom Bowl XXIII


Oklahoma State


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First time Tom Bowler can hardly contain his excitement

Busses parked near the stadium. That was a lot of buses.

Is this fan checking the score, or checking into foursquare?

Seats can be hard to come by at the Tom Bowl


Who you would have seen at Tom Bowl XXIII

DB - Tyrann Mathieu

QB - Brandon Weeden

RB - LaMichael James

DB - Morris Claiborne

OL - Grant Garner

TE - David Paulson

DL - Will Blackwell

WR - Justin Blackmon

LB - Josh Kaddu

* Logos are trademarked images of the respective schools and conference. Pictures of the players are property of whomever took them. We appreciate the use of the photos and hope the rightful owners enjoys the exposure they are being given. If not, let us know, we'll take them off and replace them with drawings or something else. So far this year I read a book about the Reagan assassination attempt, a guy that survived his plane getting shot down over the Pacific Ocean and being captured by the Japanese during World War II and a book about the American ambassador to Germany before WWII. Nothing like a little light reading to pass the time. My quote of the year is basically from the last movie I saw. “Everyone always forgets about Hobo Joe” I was really glad to see the Muppets came back. I hope they are able to stick around for a while. My new cup is a Bubba Cup. Highly recommend them. I went and got another one for my coffee. Sadly my daughter’s frog passed on. But she got two new frogs and they are doing well. After nine years my Danio finally died. I actually think he died some time ago but was just hanging around due to habit. People would come over and look in the tank at it and say “there is something wrong with your fish.” You be the judge. I went to the Big 10 Championship game. What a great game and great event. The ending sucked. I went to test start my snow blower the other day and on the fourth pull it started and the pull line broke. I was able to fix it though. Drove to CT. It was fun. Drove by the former location of Stanley P. Meade Field (Home of the Rams) where the first Tom Bowl was played. It’s a big field now. I keep thinking I should watch the Star Wars: Clone Wars cartoon but I keep not watching it. The Lions are becoming a dirty team that is hard to watch. Reminds me of the old MSU teams I used to watch. Constantly sticking it to their teammates and fans by taking dumb penalties. I just ate a BLT that was not very good.