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It's a tie

Southern Cal 0
 Oklahoma 0
Auburn 0


Attendance records were shattered as 28 fans attended Tom Bowl XVI hoping to see USC, Oklahoma and Auburn play to determine the true national championship. The event is already being called the greatest Tom Bowl in the game's 16 year history. The Tom Bowl President gave everyone a scare when he fell down on the ice outside the stadium but he was totally fine. The game featured a post-game cheering session. Due to coverage by CNN Headline news security was brought in and a state police cruiser was spotted in the "four corners of excitement" district of downtown Beal City anticipating the arrival of the teams. Unfortunately, all three failed to show. We think perhaps they were waylaid by the airline problems that plagued the country over the holidays.


The Tom Bowl received coverage on Christmas Day from
CNN Headline news. Quite frankly, we were very excited.

  We'd like to think this sign had something to do with the Tom Bowl, but we know in our hearts it was really for the Beal City Aggies who share Frank A. Schafer Stadium with the Tom Bowl.


The cheerleading squad that showed up for Tom Bowl XVI

  The squad doing their post-game routine.


There were so many people at the game that two of them went over to the visitor's side to avoid all the congestion in the main grandstand.

  Clearing the stands before the fans arrive.


State police car spotted in the "four corners of excitement" district of downtown Beal City. We think it was there for the game.

  Security outside Frank A. Schafer stadium. No one gets in without a ticket gets in unless they really want to come in. Then they can just come on in.


The Tom Bowl President took a big spill outside the stadium but don't worry, he was fine. This is where he fell though.

  A Tom Bowl fan sent this alternative Tom Bowl XVI logo in honor of the three-way game. We like it. (lilhorn3)

How was this game possible?

In an unprecedented event the Tom Bowl invited three teams to play in Tom Bowl XVI.  The undefeated Trojans would have faced off against the undefeated Sooners and the undefeated Tigers to determine the true #1 team in the nation.

To make this possible, the Tom Bowl devised a unique format that would allow all three teams to play each other in what would have been arguably the most talked about event in college football history. Each team would play each other for a "half" However, in what can only be called a mathematical anomaly, the game would consist of three "halves.

In the first "half" Oklahoma would play Auburn
In the second "half" Auburn would play USC
In the third "half" USC would play Oklahoma

You could call it a "thirder" instead of a half if you feel like it but we chose not too.

The end result? Each team plays a full 60 minutes of football, 30 minutes against one team, 30 against the other. The team that had the most points at the end would be declared the winner with the rights to be called the true #1 college football team in the nation. In an advent of a tie, we would have played a standard overtime with the two tied teams. If it was a three way tie we devised a complicated method for resolving the contest that we won't document here because it'll take too long.

This game was the most talked about, highly anticipated, unique event in Tom Bowl history.


Who you would have seen in Tom Bowl XVI

RB - Adrian Peterson

QB - Jason Campbell

QB - Matt Leinart

QB - Jason White

RB- Carnell Williams

RB - Reggie Bush

OL - Wes Sims

DE - Quentin Groves
DE - Stanley McClover

DL - Matt Grootegoed

* Logos are trademarked images of the respective schools and conference. Pictures of the players are property of whomever took them. We appreciate the use of the photos and hope the rightful owners enjoys the exposure they are being given. If not, let us know, we'll take them off and replace them with drawings or something else. It gets easier and easier every year to find the pictures on the web. Google rules. The SEC logo is still lame but what are you going to do. The Big 12 one is cool. For some reason or another I have always liked Auburn's uniforms. I think they are my favorite in college football. In the NFL its the retro powder blue Charger uniforms. Those are cool. Last night my garage door was halfway up when a circuit tripped. That made it hard to get in the house, at least with the car. I put a picture of Matt Grootegoaed up because I liked his name. I find myself getting into these things where I like to say certain words. For a long time it was "Onondaga" and another time it was "French Bread." It makes me feel kind of crazy or something. I had the song "Rocky Top Tennessee" stuck in my head for close to a year. Every day. Seriously. The worst thing that ever happened to the Star Wars franchise was when Star Wars was changed to that Greedo shot first. I'm glad they changed it again so they kind of shoot at the same time but it was still better when Greedo didn't shoot at all. I recently discovered that I really like dark chocolate. I think the movie quote of the year was "If you can dodge a wrench, you can dodge a ball" I thought The Incredibles wasn't. I like when Vader says "Come with me. It is the only way." I really like "Lost" on TV. There are many different types of saws. Band, table, hack and see are just a few. I think the song of the year was a few seconds of silence between two songs on the radio. Nothing jumps out for me this year. I love the song "When We Was Fab" by George Harrison and I played it in the car the other day when my kids were in there and now they want to here it every time I drive somewhere. I don't ride the scooter to work anymore because I got a closer parking spot. Also the water cup I'd been using for years broke when I dropped it outside my building. A moment of silence for the cup please. I have a Magic 8 ball on my desk which is not significant at all. I like Ike, you like Ike. Everybody likes Ike.