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The Results...

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Kansas State 

      Ohio State



This year, one make think the Tom Bowl had become irrelevant. Since the Fiesta Bowl already planned to pit #1 Tennessee against #2 Florida State one may think there is no reason to have the Tom Bowl this year. Sure, we had the concept first. We've been pitting #1 vs. #2 for 10 years. However, this year the Tom Bowl tried to answer the questions no one else was willing to answer. This year the Tom Bowl asked the question: Who was #3?

If #1 is going to play #2, shouldn't #3 play #4? This year the Tom Bowl invited #3 Ohio State to face off against #4 Kansas State. Realistically, this could have been a very pivotal game since whichever of the two teams lose in the Fiesta Bowl will likely drop from their current spot, the match-up of the Buckeyes and the Wildcats would have been a contest to determine who had the rightful claim to be #2.

The change in format didn’t hurt attendance as the crowd matched the total set the year before in Tom Bowl IX. The Big 10 graciously declined our invitations, however Kansas State accepted.  Expectations were high, but the temperatures were low and Kansas State didn’t show up despite their accepting their bid likely due to the icy winds blowing across Frank A. Schafer Field. Tom Bowl apparel was introduced for the first time in the form of an official sweatshirt.
Final results: Kansas State 0 Ohio State 0.

Players to Watch at Tom Bowl X
(had they shown)

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OSU's Joe Germaine

K-State's Michael Bishop

Logos are trademarked images of the respective schools. Pictures of Germaine and Bishop are property of whomever took them. We appreciate the use of the photos and hope the rightful owners enjoys the exposure they are being given. If not, let us know, we'll take them off and replace them with drawings or something else. Anyone notice that OSU and K-State have the same color helmets? Is it a mere coincidence that both players pictured above have the same number? What's that check mark just below the left shoulder pad? You wonder if Germaine was able to get the pass off. Either way I'd bet he got crushed.

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