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Alabama ?
Michigan ?
Cincinnati ?


Who won?

This is as close as we could get for a game picture. COVID happens.

Everything was completely geared up for this titanic clash of a game that would have pitted two juggernauts vs. an eager upstart. However, COVID happened and it was left up to the teams to report the final score of this game. Alas, none of the three teams reported a final score leaving the outcome of this game in doubt. Total attendance: 0*

* Or maybe all kinds of people and no one said anything.

Who you would have seen at Tom Bowl XXXIII

The top three conference champions in college football met to determine the true national champion

Bryce Young

Cade McNamara

Desmond Ridder

Logos are trademarked images of the respective schools and conference. Pictures of the players are property of whomever took them. We appreciate the use of the photos and hope the rightful owners enjoys the exposure they are being given. If not, let us know, we'll take them off and replace them with drawings or something else. In terms of book reading, I read some, maybe more than one, best one was Accidental Presidents about Vice Presidents that became President when the President died in office. Got to read about Chester A. Arthur again who, as I've mentioned, I find interesting. Also found a good podcast, Presidential Histories with Kenny Ryan. Very fun. Speaking of presidents, and we were, I totally redid my office in a president theme. Yay! Saw so few movies this year, I got nothing. Only went to a few. Best quote... still hoping to remember one. I finished the first draft of my fourth novel. Still haven't gotten anything published. Hopefully some day. Finally watched Stranger Things Season 3. These kids would all need serious therapy after all that's happened to them. Still walking 4-6 miles a day. Wore through a bunch of shoes. The cat is fine.