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Clemson 0 Alabama 0 Michigan State 0

The weather was a bit chilly but it had no bearing on the epic tie that would be Tom Bowl XXVII. No reported sightings of the teams were reported but if they did, due to scheduling issues, no one would have been there to greet them. Instead fans gathered in a remote location (remote in terms of remote to Beal City) and gathered around the TV to watch the action not take place. It is possible that the teams did gather in Beal City to play out this epic. The world will never know for sure. Attendance: 0 TV viewers 20

Who you would have seen at Tom Bowl XXVII

The top three conference champions in college football met to determine the true national champion

QB - Deshaun Watson

RB - Derrick Henry

 QB - Connor Cook

DE - Shaq Lawson

OL - Ryan Kelley

DE - Shilique Calhoun

WR -
Artavis Scott

LB - Reggie Ragland

OL - Jack Allen

Logos are trademarked images of the respective schools and conference. Pictures of the players are property of whomever took them. We appreciate the use of the photos and hope the rightful owners enjoys the exposure they are being given. If not, let us know, we'll take them off and replace them with drawings or something else. I think I read even less this year although I did read Girl on the Train like the rest of the world. It was good. I also read this book about the five former presidents and Abraham Lincoln during the Civil War. That was really good. Tyler comes off as kind of a jerk though. Can hardly stand it, just a few weeks away from Episode VII. They better not do anything dumb. By the way, in the first draft of Empire Strikes Back Luke meets his father as a Force Ghost on Degobah. Think about that for a minute. The Tom Bowl President makes a brief appearance in the upcoming Batman v. Superman movie. I have a lunch bag made out of the same material used to make scuba diving suits. Lions have been very good at coming with creative ways to lose. Fumble in the end zone against Seattle and the Green Bay Hail Mary. Duke got screwed by the officials vs. Miami. Horrible. Jalen Watts-Jackson. One of the cats has become much more friendly lately. I didn't set up the pool this summer it was too cold. "Chewie. We're home."