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Big 10 Championship

Iowa Hawkeyes 0
Ohio State Buckeyes 0

Fans of the Tom Bowl were in for a surprise when they arrived at Frank A. Schafer field for Tom Bowl XIV. The stadium was gone. Well, it wasn't gone, it had moved. The new Frank A. Schafer field is currently under construction and after a brief delay fans found the new home of the Tom Bowl and made the journey to the new facility. Due to the confusion, it is widely believed that Iowa and OSU arrived early, couldn't find the stadium, and wandered off somewhere.  This theory gained support when two busses were spied near the field. The Tom Bowl was also pleased to receive a letter from Ohio State and the Big 10 conference concerning the game. Attendance: 11 (13 if you count tailgaters but they wouldn't get out of their car)

The Tom Bowl received responses from Ohio State and the Big 10 conference concerning Tom Bowl XIV.

Big 10 Conference   Ohio State

Buses outside the new Frank A. Schafer field


Due to the BCS, the Tom Bowl will not be inviting the #1 and #2 teams in the nation to square off in this year’s contest. Instead, we are offering fans of college football the opportunity to learn the answer the one question that otherwise would go unanswered this season.

Who is truly the best team in the Big 10?

Who we hoped we would see in Tom Bowl XIV

Heisman finalist QB Brad Banks

Freshman sensation running
back Maurice Clarett

Mackey Award winner 
Tight end Dallas Clark

Team MVP QB Craig Krenzel

Groza award winning kicker Nate Keading

All-American safety Mike Doss

* Logos are trademarked images of the respective schools and conference. Pictures of the players are property of whomever took them. We appreciate the use of the photos and hope the rightful owners enjoys the exposure they are being given. If not, let us know, we'll take them off and replace them with drawings or something else. It was a heck of a lot easier to get the OSU photos and they were all nicely sized the same and everything. Iowa's was tough. I mean seriously, the picture of a kicker is as lame as it gets and they were blurry but what are you going to do? I've been sick for a week as has my whole family. It was nasty cold a week or so ago and I got some ear muffs but they are cool. My car needs an oil change. The Spartans swung for the fences and tried to get Marvin Lewis for head coach but it didn't work out. The Freep had Tom Bowl on the cover of the Way We Live section which we thought was pretty good. I think that in Episode III Luke and Leia will be born on Degobah because in Empire Strikes Back Luke says "There is something familiar about this place." I may be wrong. The garage door came loose from the pulley system that moves it up and down. It made a really bad noise but I fixed it. Beware of falling bridges. There are mint flavored Hershey Kisses. I told my kids this silly story I made up when I was in second grade in which a boy falls into this other world and has to fight Captain Hook and Darth Vader. They liked it even though it was "dippy."