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Burst Bubble Bowl rescinds SC bowl bid, invites Clemson

Due to sloppy research and faulty memory the Burst Bubble Bowl announced today it is rescinding its invitation to the University of South Carolina to play the Akron Zips in this year's bowl game and inviting Clemson.

The Burst Bubble Bowl annually features a match up of the two best teams in college football that did not otherwise receive a bowl bid. Only one school, Akron, qualified based on having a successful bowl-eligible season without suspensions and did not receive a bowl bid.

To find a suitable opponent the Burst Bubble Bowl was forced to select from the only other bowl eligible teams available which was Clemson and South Carolina. Both teams qualified for bowls but had declared themselves ineligible after an ugly fourth quarter brawl in their final game against each other. The Gamecocks were then selected based on the criteria that they had beaten Clemson. Problem is, they didn't. Clemson won, and easily 29-7.

"We feel stupid," said the Burst Bubble Bowl President. "Dumb and stupid."

The Burst Bubble Bowl President added that he also felt idiotic, dense, dull, dim-witted and slow and would have added more but that was all the thesaurus had listed except for "obtuse."

"I don't necessarily feel obtuse," said the Burst Bubble Bowl President.

Clemson will now receive their first Burst Bubble Bowl invitation based on their 6-5 record even though they lost to Duke.

"I feel bad," said the Burst Bubble Bowl President. "I know the Gamecocks must be upset, but Clemson has the right to go and if they hadn't been invited they'd of been more upset than South Carolina and rightly so."

The Burst Bubble Bowl will not give South Carolina a fruit basket to make up for it, even though it was suggested that might sooth their hurt feelings.