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Alternate Earths cataloging system

To help us keep track of the Alternate Earths, AERC has devised a cataloging system. Basically, the cataloging system comprises the following pieces of information.

The year of the divergence

The number of divergences from that year

The number representing times visiting the timeline

The year we visited

The severity of the divergence

So, Here is the reality catalog for an alternate reality where American President Abraham Lincoln was not assassinated. The listing appears as follows.

1864.1.1.1999-C  Abraham Lincoln was not assassinated.

In the above example, the divergence took place in 1864 and it is the first cataloged instance of a divergence in that year. It was also the first time we visited that timeline and when we visited it was 1999. While there was a great change, in the ebb and flow of history it had little impact.

The key for the divergence code:

A - Drastically altered history. A significant shift leaving little recognizable aspects in comparison to different timelines, and is unlikely to be duplicated in another timeline (Ex.-Dinosaurs never went extinct and reptilians humanoids rule the earth)

B - Major altered history. A significant alteration in history that changes the landscape of the world. (Ex. – The South won the Civil War)

C - Moderate altered history. A significant change, but one that basically continued the flow of current history without great ramifications. (Ex. Tilden defeats Hayes but has a one-term presidency as uninspired as Hayes’ was. Garfield elected in 1880.)

D - Minor altered history - A change that by and large had little impact (Ex. The USFL merged with the NFL)

E - Inconsequential divergence (Ex. – New York kept the name New Amsterdam )