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Canth Clroy's Older Stuff

Hey it may be older than the new stuff, but it may be new to you, and its probably funnier because I'm losing it. Anyway, here's the listing of older stuff along with a handy description of what they are. Consider this another public service.

Canth Comics - Canth pretends he can draw with this variety of Canth Comics.

Dancing Canca - If you want simple dancing entertainment, check this out.

Canth the Jedi - Canth Clroy wants to be a Jedi Knight in Episode III. Check this out and see how you can help!

Star Trek Island - Based on a fan suggestion, we present Star Trek on Gilligan's Island.

My Demon Cat 2 - It appears I have another demon cat on my hands.

Fighting G.I. Joes - They can't get along all the time can they? 

Movie Quote Challenge - Test your skills with this fantastic movie quote quiz.

Cat meets Dog - Check out this photo of my cat meeting the neighbor's dog.

Darth Vader drinks coffee - Irrefutable evidence that the Dark Lord drinks coffee.

Versus  - Canth along with special guest contributor Noocr Ve'Har pit unlikely foes against each other. Yes indeed.

Star Wars meets Star Trek - We give you a little glimpse of what it might look like if Star Wars met Star Trek.

The continuing adventures of Pen Gore- We answer the question... what has Pen Gore been doing lately.

Dancing G.I. Joe - What could be better than a dancing G.I. Joe?

More Dancing G.I. Joe - If you can't believe it, it's true. We found something better than a dancing G.I. Joe

Canth Movie - My first attempt at making a movie on the computer.

My Demon Cat - My cat is possessed by some kind of demon.

Dirty Christmas Cards - For your viewing pleasure

Star Trek Toys - Newer Gene Roddenberry toy!!!

Top Notch Dessert  - The best dessert Canth has ever had.

World's Stupidest Fly - Pictorial evidence of the World's Stupidest fly

The Adventures of Pen Gore - Pictures and story of my friend Pen Gore

Safety Slug - Words of Wisdom from fish bait

The Kryptonian Election Conspiracy - Check out pictorial evidence that Kryptonians infiltrated our government and affected the outcome of the 2000 Presidential election in Florida.

Dot Madness - This crazy mirage, eye tricking thing. What's the word, oh yeah, optical illusion.

Tic Tac Toe - A printable Tic Tac Toe board!!!

Elf Jokes - The definitive listing of Elf Jokes. It can't get any better.

The Adventures of Bowser - Fiction by Canth Clroy. It's fun.

The new $20 stinks - Read Canth's opinion of the crappy new $20 bill

Painful sports puns - This is at the bottom for a reason.